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Dear colleagues and friends,

We are walking in the ranks of hope and challenge in 2013. In the past, we have worked together and forged ahead, and our hard work has brought us today's abundance. A new chapter of the company's development is also unfolding before us. Looking forward to the future, we are full of passion, longing for vision, magnificent career, great blueprints waiting for us to wield wisdom and talents to start again.

In the elapsed time, with the joint efforts of all Huanruidian heat tracing employees, the company has achieved remarkable results in all aspects of its work, including sales, engineering, development, management, corporate image, company software and hardware facilities, and other indicators. Significantly improved. Each department strictly manages, clarifies responsibilities, and makes every effort to make the company show a good working atmosphere of unity, positiveness, efficiency and pragmatism. He has made great contributions to the strong brand operation of Huanrui, and wrote a thick stroke in the development history of Huanrui!

Over the years, we have a lot of experience worth summing up, and a lot of fruits worthy of our collection. Looking back on the past:

I. The company's sales performance has achieved the expected goal, and the annual output value has doubled from the previous year.

Achieved the successful export of electric tropical products to the United Kingdom, Slovakia and other countries, successfully won the bid in the Daqing Oilfield, continued to maintain and expand the strategic partner camp, in Yurun, French Air Liquide Investment Co., Ltd., PetroChina, Sinopec, China Guodian, China Railway In large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, such as Jianong, Huanrui's products and brands have taken root. Among them, the solar heating cable continues to maintain a steady growth momentum, and the use of product coverage continues to increase. While the channel sales volume is steadily expanding, it is also constantly trying to improve the operation level of the undertaking project, and realize the integrated operation ability of scattered sales and image engineering.

2. Significant achievements have been made in the strategic thinking of improving corporate brand effects.

On the establishment of hard power: Obtained the official documents for the construction of the new plant in advance. The full construction of the new Huanrui heat tracing production base was completed in 2013. This is a landmark turning point for Huanrui. From a private company to a private enterprise camp, we will use this as a base to realize the great journey of Huanrui to continue to glory!

On the improvement of soft power: the introduction of constant power production technology, the acquisition of national high-tech enterprises, national high-tech products, high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, high-tech products in Anhui Province, famous trademarks in Anhui Province, contract and trustworthy units in Anhui Province, Hefei City recognized enterprise technology center, national standard main drafting unit, Hefei Science and Technology Progress Award, continuous honors of enterprises above designated size in Anhui Province since 2010, obtained national industrial production license, provincial financial department, and provincial economic and information technology reform Special support funds, obtaining the heating cable promotion project of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, establishing a trade union and receiving the Hefei staff innovation award, entering the double-thousand project, obtaining a circular economy support fund, obtaining the PetroChina total access to the network, and upcoming results. Anhui provincial new products and so on.

In terms of propaganda and promotion: successfully participated in (Linyi) Solar Spring Exhibition, Northeast International Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Exhibition, Suzhou Exhibition, Beijing National Exhibition, International Symposium on Oil and Gas Pipeline Safety, and Floor Heating Industry Development (Beijing) Summit, etc. A series of joint events with far-reaching influence in the industry.

In terms of brand services: continue to promote the internet, magazines, exhibitions, marketing, word of mouth, advertising visual impact, high product quality insurance to escort after-sales capabilities, combined with electric heat tracing, three-dimensional, comprehensive and efficient heating products with excellent quality Such as brand operation strategies, comprehensively build the credibility and penetration of the Huanrui brand, and achieved great results.

3. New breakthroughs in basic management.

1. Refinement of salary assessment. On the basis of previously insisting on the content of profits and wages, through the determination of participation of all personnel, the salary assessment of various departments has achieved fairness and performance. This year's assessment of wages in the production sector is based on output and quality. In the assessment of team wages, performance, safety and other assessments are included, so that the economic lever of wages is organically integrated with various management tasks, and all benefits are achieved. The basic salary and royalties of marketing are also differentiated, aging, and rationalized according to different projects and profits, as well as target tasks. Through the intangible binding of salary assessment, the functions of production, marketing, management and other functional departments are linked and integrated.

2. Reduce accounting units and refine cost management. The staffing of each functional department achieves a coordinated, reasonable and closely linked model.

3. The management and operation capabilities of the equipment have been strengthened, new production equipment has been added, and product diversification has been achieved.

4. A major breakthrough was achieved in the rejuvenation of the management team and the ladder training of employees. The talent appointment, selection and evaluation mechanism has been constantly improved, boldly using young people with good moral character, high education background and ability to take up posts in important positions, conducting production management cadre training, and training technical elites and backbones, all of which have become the backbone of the company.

The above summary is only a microcosm of the achievements we have made through hard work in the past. I will not list them one by one. All of our employees have a dedicated working attitude. You have paid silently and worked hard in your post. With your efforts, we have created a very good performance, and all our work has been carried out very smoothly. . Each of you is the most commendable person. Here, I would like to thank you once again for your hard work and hard work over the years.

While objectively summarizing our achievements and experience, we must also be soberly aware that there are still many things that need to be further rectified and improved in the development process of our company. Our system is not comprehensive enough, the organization is not scientific enough, and human resources are not perfect 2. The staff's business skills are uneven, and the team's overall innovation awareness is not outstanding enough. Therefore, we must continue to adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, accelerate the pace of modern enterprise system construction, improve technological innovation capabilities, enhance corporate competitiveness, increase training efforts, further strengthen the company's cohesion, centripetal force, and combat effectiveness, meet opportunities and face challenges . Fully enhance the company's overall combat effectiveness and realize the new leap of Huanrui.

In the new economic wave environment, we will face more difficulties and risks, and of course, greater challenges and opportunities. We must continue to make every effort to seize the opportunities and grasp the good momentum of the current industry development. The company is in an advantageous environment, digging resources, integrating resources, increasing brand operation, continuing to focus on market relaxation, striving for greater breakthroughs in performance, and vigorously promoting project operations, focusing on building the company's image project And strive to show a few bright spots, so that the brand and the company's image is even greater.

Results only belong to the past. In the future, we need to further grasp and fight for each of us to enter a tense working state, one step ahead of our competitors. We need to have a strategic vision for the future. We need courage, courage and consciousness; we need to continue to break through stereotypes; we need to be hard-working and efficient; we need to be united. For a brilliant tomorrow, let us work together and stand out from the crowd!

In short, in the future work, time is still tight and tasks are heavy. However, I firmly believe that as long as you, me, and all of us are present, we will be able to successfully achieve the new work indicators and goals at different stages. "Xiongguan Mandao is as iron as it is today, and we are striding forward from scratch." Colleagues and friends, we are persistent, we are pursuing, and we are always grateful. We are willing to join hands with all our friends and work together to create happiness bright future!

Attachment: Brief Introduction of Chairman Ji Chengzhi

Dedicated to build China's safe electric heat tracing / electric heating system brand for ten years

I. Encyclopedia Business Card:

Ji Chengzhi, Gender: Male, Ethnicity: Han Born in 1976, a party member and a master's degree, he is currently the chairman of Anhui Huanrui Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. and an EMBA senior management master.

Character introduction:

Ji Chengzhi was honored as an excellent Communist Party member and a national outstanding private entrepreneur. He is a model for China's new generation of self-made private enterprise leading creators. Has more than ten years of production, operation and management experience, gradually established and improved the management system of Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd., and attached importance to management planning to ensure that the company's demand for talents in different fields and levels at any time And the need for new product development and production.

3. Character experience:

2004-2007, served as the general manager of Wuhu Huarui Chengye Electric Heating Technology Co., Ltd .;

2007-present, Chairman of Anhui Huanrui Heating Equipment Co., Ltd .;

Main Performance:

Since its establishment in 2007, under the excellent management of Comrade Ji Chengzhi, Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. has achieved excellent performance every year. The company has successively obtained 13 Chinese utility model patents and two Chinese invention patents. In addition to continuous innovation and development, it has brought economic and social benefits to the company and the local community. It has also received recognition and full support from all aspects and levels of society and the government. Under the leadership of General Manager Ji Chengzhi's perfect management and continuous innovation, the company has won various awards since its establishment. While making every effort to build the first service brand in China's heat tracing market, it is also constantly working on behalf of the country. Inject vitality and hope into the heat tracing and heating market; make unremitting efforts to continuously improve the international influence of domestic heat tracing and heating service and product markets.

Brief description of personal achievements:

2003 year

Wuhu Huarui Chengye Electric Heating Technology Co., Ltd. was formally registered and mainly engaged in: electric heating belts, electric heating cables, electric heating cables, electric heating belts, self-controlling temperature, constant power, fire protection, thermal insulation, and electrical heating pipe fittings.

2004 year

The company's products are widely used in petroleum, electric power, steel, chemical, gas, refrigeration, food, construction, fire protection, solar energy, electric heating, drying rooms, geothermal cultivation, carriages, offshore oil platforms, west-to-east gas transmission and other fields. The anti-freezing, ice and snow melting, heating, heat tracing, and thermal insulation improvement processes and process devices have been widely used in nearly 30 provinces, cities, districts, and municipalities in China, including Tibet.


The company's products have been used in many well-known enterprises in the country, and maintain very friendly cooperative partnerships with large national enterprises and institutions such as Karamay Oilfield, Daqing Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, Jidong Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield, and China National Natural Gas Group.

Year 2006

The self-limiting temperature and tropical zone of the People ’s Republic of China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine / China National Standardization Administration of the “National Standard of the People ’s Republic of China” (GB / T 19835-2005)

Member unit of Hebei Province Floor Heating Industry Association.

Wuhu Huarui Chengye Electric Heating Technology Co., Ltd. officially relocated to Hefei, Anhui Province.

2007 year

Hefei University of Technology Anhui Huanrui Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. practice base was listed.

"Wuhu Huarui Chengye Electric Heating Technology Co., Ltd." was renamed as "Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.".

The "Jouzi" trademark was officially registered by the state.

Explosion-proof electric tropical inspection report: Anhui Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute.

Explosion-proof temperature controller inspection report (Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment of Machinery Industry).

Inspection report of explosion-proof junction box for electric heating explosion-proof accessories (Mechanical Industry Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center).

Constant power electric heating belt inspection report (Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment of Machinery Industry).

Self-limiting temperature electric heating belt (GXW-64 64W 220V) inspection report: (Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment of Mechanical Industry).

Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. has obtained customs import and export trade qualifications and is actively engaged in foreign trade cooperation.

Anhui Huanrui was awarded "Quality and Credit Brand Demonstration Enterprise" by China Quality Miles.

Anhui Huanrui was awarded "Consumer Trust Unit".

Year 2008

"Hefei Consumer Trustworthy Unit" honorary certificate.

Anhui Huanrui provides high-quality electric heat tracing products for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games National Olympic Village.

Heating cable inspection report: Anhui Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute.

Environmental protection analysis and anticorrosive sampling heat tracing composite pipe: Anhui Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute.

Achieved all explosion-proof certifications of the national explosion-proof appraisal center.

Year 2009

Anhui Huanrui Co., Ltd. obtained a series of electric heating network access certificates from North China Petroleum Administration.

Anhui Huanrui Co., Ltd. was included in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" textbooks of colleges and universities.

The latest 36V explosion-proof anticorrosive oil well electric heat tracing system developed by Anhui Huanrui Co., Ltd. has been successfully tested in the Bohai Drilling Team in North China Oilfield.

The site of Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. was officially relocated to Feidong Economic Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui Province, and the headquarters of the marketing company remained in the urban area of Hefei.

2010 year

Notice regarding the approval of Anhui Huanrui Electricity's tropical and heating cable production projects (Hefei Feidong New City Economic Development Park).

"Jouzi" and "Huajie" were awarded the "China Famous Brand Certificate".

Obtained "CHC" National High-tech Quality Supervision Promotion Committee.

Obtained EU ROSH directive for heating cables, safety test report for hazardous substances.

Single-lead BACL EMC certification (EMC certification for heating cable electromagnetic radiation safety).

Double-lead BACL EMC certification (EMC certification for heating cable electromagnetic radiation safety).

Single-lead BACL LVD certification (LVD certification for electrical performance and safety of heating cables).

Mr. Ji won the honorary title of "Outstanding Private Enterprise Entrepreneur".

Won the honor of Hebei Province Local Standard Participating Editor (Technical Regulations for Heating Cable Ground Heating).

Department of the first radiant heating and cooling committee member units.

Obtained the radiant heating and cooling industry grade certificate.

Anhui Huanrui was awarded "Enterprises above Designated Size".

Huanrui's foreign trade cooperation has made historic progress and achieved a bumper harvest in export trade.

Huanrui won the "2010 Advanced Collective Unit" in the national radiant heating and cooling industry.

Huanrui heating cable was recommended by Hebei Floor Heating Industry Association.

All the products of Huanrui passed the inspection report of the National Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

The company obtained thirteen utility model patents and two invention patents:

the year 2011

ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certification (Chinese and English).

Huajie trademark registration certificate.

Huaran trademark registration certificate.

Anhui Huanrui Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. won the national industrial product production license.

Self-limiting temperature CE LVD certification.

Self-limiting temperature CE EMC certificate.

Anhui Huanrui Heating Cable won the certificate of promotion of new technology and new products in Anhui Province.

Huanrui English Trademark Registration Certificate.

National high-tech enterprise certification.

Anhui high-tech product certification (self-limiting temperature electric heating cable with low resistance transition layer, (heating cable with special manufacturing process, integrated hotline and cold line implicit splicing technology).

Anhui Huanrui was awarded "Enterprises above Designated Size".

"Jouzi" and "Guangjie" brand electric heating cables and heating cables have won national famous brands.

Awarded "Quality and Service Integrity Commitment Enterprise" by China's solar industry companion tropical production enterprises.

Anhui Huanrui won the provincial development circular economy energy-saving emission reduction achievement award.

Anhui Huanrui Heating Cable received special support from Anhui Provincial Finance Department and Economic and Information Commission for technical transformation.
Anhui Huanrui won the only promotion project of heating cables in Anhui Province by the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Anhui Province.

Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.'s heating cables, self-limiting temperature and heat tracing achieve global strategic goals that are exported to Europe, the United States, the Southern Hemisphere, and Russia, Japan and other countries, and have achieved substantial increases in profits.

Anhui Huanrui obtained the material supplier access permit of China National Petroleum Corporation.

the year of 2012

Membership certificate of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

Anhui Huanrui won the Hefei Science and Technology Award for self-limiting temperature and heat tracing.

Ji Chengzhi was honored as an outstanding Communist.

Anhui Huanrui was awarded the annual "Enterprise above Designated Size".

Obtained the certification of Hefei Certified Enterprise Technology Center.

Obtained funding support from Anhui Excellent Technology Transformation Project.

Obtained special incentive funds for technological innovation of enterprises in Anhui Province.

"Jouzi" was awarded a famous trademark in Anhui Province.

"Jouzi" won the famous brand product in Hefei.

"Jouzi" was well-known trademark in Hefei.

It is a self-limiting temperature electric heating zone for solar thermal utilization, and the National Energy Administration's "Energy Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China" (NB / T 32003-2012) Participating unit Record number: 37422-2012.

All sub-units of Anhui Huanrui Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. have been relocated to Jingsan Road, Feidong New City, and officially realized the unification of all-round areas of system operation in R & D, production, and marketing. Based on the "group army" unified cooperation, external publicity and other modes, the Hefei City Enterprise Science and Technology Center construction base is comprehensively built, and we work together to achieve the goal of creating a world-class electric heat tracing industry base.

the year of 2013

Constant power parallel electric heating belt RDP2-J3 40W / M 220V explosion-proof certificate.

Constant power parallel electric heating belt RDP3-J3 ≤60W ∕ M 380V explosion-proof certificate.

Constant power series electric heating belt RDC3-J3 ≤30W ∕ M 380V explosion-proof certificate.

Constant power parallel electric heating belt RDP3-J3 380V ≤60W ∕ M explosion-proof certificate.

Low temperature self-limiting temperature and heat tracing DBR-30-220-PB 30W / M 220V explosion-proof certificate.

Medium temperature self-limiting electric heating ZBR-60-220-PB 60W / M 220V explosion-proof certificate.

Constant power series electric heating belt RDC3-J3 380V ≤30W ∕ M explosion-proof certificate.

Constant power parallel electric heating belt RDP2-J3 220V ≤40W / M explosion-proof certificate.

Anhui Huanrui was awarded the annual "Enterprise above Designated Size".

The main unit for compiling national standards.

Summary of Views:

Strive to build the No. 1 brand of sustainable development of electric heat tracing system that respects the society;

Continuously innovating and improving product technology and quality originate from "unsatisfaction is the upward wheel";

After ten years of exploration and dedication, the once shy wave has finally firmly established itself in the huge economic boom. Every milestone and turning point in the process deserves to be engraved forever;

Professional design and construction, the number of construction sites has exceeded 3,000, and the good state of use exceeds 98%.

Anhui Huanrui launched a “intrinsically safe nano-solar-specific electric heating belt” for the country's innovation, which solves the headache problem of self-limiting temperature heating cable installed on solar water heaters which is easy to catch fire during use. A layer of ground wire braided with metal wire is added on the outside of the original basic insulation layer, and is equipped with a double P small air switch with leakage protection. In case of fire due to short or other reasons, the air switch will automatically cut off the circuit immediately to avoid fire.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Village solar water heating system project used the “Huanrui” electric heating cable. The heating cable played a certain heat tracing and thermal insulation effect on the solar water heater, and provided coaches and athletes from all over the world with great comfort. Hot water life.

Anhui Huanrui will vigorously promote and promote solar power heating cables with high safety factors, and hope that consumers will choose solar power heating cables and related products that comply with national electrical safety standards. Anhui Huanrui will do the development of the entire industry. With its due contribution, there are fewer and fewer fire accidents in the entire industry due to electric heating cables.

V. Thematic Quotations

"Quality Enhancement Value"

"The structure of the intrinsically safe products we advocate has been significantly improved, which can fundamentally prevent accidents."

"It is our pride to be able to contribute to the Beijing Olympics project and provide comfortable hot water life for coaches and athletes from all over the world!"

"Strongly advocating and promoting solar heat tracing with high safety factors is a task that electric heat tracing manufacturers should and must do. This is an obligation, but also a responsibility and mission."

"Vertex positioning, build a strong brand strategy; go all out at full speed, break through the performance climb ratio"

It is also a time to retire from the old and welcome the new, to recall the extraordinary 2011: the twelfth five-year plan has officially started, and the whole people will become a city and work together to devote themselves to the tide of building a prosperous and great motherland; To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, 1.3 billion people are united in their hearts and minds, and actively respond to the call of the party and government leaders; moved the "God Eight" to fly to the sky; In the kingdom of one mind, these dots settled into an eternal audio and video, which is impressive. In the year to come, there are too many touching stories worthy of our collection. Two hundred and eleven is destined to be imprinted on the heartland of Chinese compatriots Xintian.

We are more brand new in the coming year, and there will be a wider world waiting for us to cultivate and plant. With the concern, attention, and escort of people from all walks of life, I have reason to believe that all of our colleagues in Huanrui will use their actual actions to persevere and forge ahead, feed the society, and work hard and make persistent efforts in order to actively relive the passion of life and work. In the common expectation of realizing the harmonious value of human society, we will create more brilliant achievements and pave a new chapter in the cause of win-win development!

Respect for hometown and respect for hometown; Focus on industry and scientific respect; Exquisite details and rigorous self; Integrity of ecology and cherishment of nature; Perseverance for sentiment and gratitude for life, all of Anhui Huanrui Members, as always, are shouldering their missions. While pursuing economic benefits, they have also carefully created the unique and concise humanity of our Huishang merchants, and continue to move forward in order to build a strong and prosperous common development fortress.

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